homemade crochet accessories. 

Homemade crochet made with

A few words about US

Welcome to our website!

We take great pleasure in showcasing our crochet project's .  We understand that everyone has an independent expression of who they are. Our goal is to capture the unique quality and personality of every individual we crochet projects for.  

We are a Family of Sisters, Aunts , and Cousins.

There is:

Christina who is the Talent and teaches all of us to crochet new stitches and guides us threw the process of our project from start to finish. Christina has the true DIYer drive.   She loves her pet Guiniea pigs,  Angel and Brooke

​She is a excellent 11th grader who excells at all she puts her mind to. She is going to attend Big Bend Community College before heading off to Pullman where she plans to become a Veternarian.

Emily Loves Horses, Crochet Crafts and Race~cars,

Julia Loves Camping, Traveling, Soccer, Crochet Crafts and Race~cars. 

Shelly loves her Family she is the peaceful one. , She likes to Travel, Archery and Reading Crochet Crafts and Race~cars

Tabitha loves her Kitten Puppy, she loves to crochet and do crafts she loves Cheerleading.


​At home making